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Hello Simon,Things have finally settled down here and I need to let you know that our daughter, Judy said our Africa experience was "magical" and we whole heartedly agree with her.Ernest and I want to thank you for your expertise, vision and profound grasp of what we wanted.  We could not have asked for more.  You told us our guides would be amazing and they were.  We had Victoria from Nomad (whom you very well may know)  who was an absolute fireball and knowledgeable beyond belief.  She immediately got that Jake was a bug nut and provided him with enough information to sate his little entymologist soul.  He so wanted to get "into" a termite mound and Victoria made it absolutely clear why he did not and he totally understood.  She got us through some up close and personal dealings with elephants and "retired general" buffalos.  We loved her and wanted to bring her home with us (as you predicted would happen).  David was our guide in the Serengetti and he was fabulous in a different way - quiet and unassuming but full of knowledge and we loved his Masai soul (wanted to bring him home too).  It was with David that we experienced the life and death struggle between a Tawny Eagle and the Spitting Cobra.  Had he not said, "let's wait a few minutes" we would have missed the whole thing.Everything from the bucket showers to the French Press coffee made the accommodations the experience of a lifetime and we cannot wait to get more. We left part of our hearts on that magical continent and we so need to go back.We have not one complaint and we thank you so much for your help in putting this very special experience together for us.  I especially appreciated your help when I learned that my mother had passed and we needed to cut our trip short by 2 days.We are so glad we found you.Thank you again,

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Simon, On behalf of my family, I want to thank you for everything you did for us in planning and organizing our trip to Africa. I can’t even begin to explain to you how perfect our trip was. We knew the trip would be great but the places that you found for us, the arrangements you made, and the companies you used were absolutely amazing. In addition to that, every single place had special little things for Case and went above and beyond to make sure he had things that he needed and that he was included. In Cape Town, the 12 Apostles Hotel was beautiful. They were not full so they upgraded our rooms at no charge. Our tour guide was Suleiman Soeker and he was absolutely fantastic – would highly recommend him if you can request tour guides. We were able to go to Robben Island because of the level of waves in the water; but, he worked with us to find some other great things to do – including the #1 rated coffee shop in the world. I don’t drink coffee but my parents do but their hot chocolate was delicious! Also, they had a little kids size cup and they made Case some hot chocolate with a little bulldog face. It was the perfect start to the trip to be able to see a lot of things but also get used to the time change. Cape Town had a special feel to it and I’m glad that we were able to go.   Sabi Sabi was our very favorite part of the trip. The lodge was indescribably beautiful. Everyone was extremely friendly. Our guide was Bethuel and our tracker was Zulu. They were absolutely phenomenal. And they were so great with Case. We would absolutely visit this place again if we ever went back. The food was great, the people were great, the experience was great (I mean – they had hot water bottles in the cars in the mornings and in the beds at night!!! WOW!). We saw so many animals and they tried to make sure we saw a wide range of places on the reserve. I just can’t even put into words how much we loved it! Livingstone was good because we enjoyed seeing Victoria Falls and going to the Village. One evening, my mom and I went over to the sister hotel of the Avani and they were a little friendlier than the hotel we were at. The Avani was beautiful but the staff were definitely the least friendly of any of the hotels we were at. Also, this hotel doesn’t have any sort of heat in the rooms and it was chilly enough at night that it needed some. We asked at the other hotel and they do have heat in their rooms. So, if we went back to this area, we’d probably rather stay at the other hotel. I think it was called The Royal Livingstone. But, the price point may be entirely different. I don’t know. But, the guides we had for Victoria Falls and the Village were great. Getting to the Serengeti was an experience .  We enjoyed the Serengeti and we were glad that we were able to have two different safari experiences. Everyone was nice at the camp.  We ended up being really glad that we scheduled the things to do in Nairobi because we had a fantastic time. The elephant orphanage was a great experience. We found out that our elephant had been moved to another location because he was getting older – so, if someone else does the same thing that we did – we would recommend making sure they adopt one of the youngest elephants. We’re not upset at all and Case understood why we couldn’t meet his elephant. But, just giving you a heads-up. We still enjoyed meeting all of the elephants that were there and learning about their stories. Carnivore was absolutely delicious and a great experience. We all really like it a lot. Just wanted to give you a quick summary. But, we just cannot thank you enough for this amazing experience. Several people have asked who we used and I gave them your contact information/website. If you have any other questions or want any other feedback, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re happy to help/give feedback/recommend you to anyone! Thanks again –

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Simon, Thank you for all of the work you put in planning our trip. It was amazing. Everyone loved every part of it. We really appreciate the fact that you took care of every detail. We will always cherish the memories.

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Simon,The itinerary you put together was excellent and the venues were superb. I want to especially thank you for arranging the upgraded accommodations at Mala Mala. We were able to see the Big Five in one day. The very first game drive at Mala Mala we had lions all around our Land Rover. If I didnt know any better, I could have petted a lion as it walked by the side of the vehicle.This trip exceeded our expectations. You will come highly recommended among my network of friends who were in awe at the pictures we are sharing with them. Mary only took 5,000 pictures over the course of the trip. Digital cameras make it so easy to get carried away.Your experience and knowledge of the various camps paid off and your recommendation for having a private guide in Cape Town was spot on. We had the flexibility to stay longer or move on more quickly with the tours in the Cape Town itinerary.All the best, 


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Simon arranged a magnificent trip for us to two camps in the Okavango Delta, one in Zimbabwe, and a four-day break in Cape Town in September 2016. Everything was completely customized for us, and he spent a lot of time on the phone helping us pick camps. This is a true white glove experience - hiring Intrepid means you hardly have to worry about anything - he sent us detailed itineraries, packing lists, even suitable luggage. More importantly, Simon has a deep well of knowledge about the various camps, particularly in Botswana, and I would recommend for first-timers or return visitors. He cares deeply about animal conservation and my wife and I were able to meet him in New York for a movie screening about canned lion hunting. Only hiccups on the trip were two flight connections where our transfer guides didn't show, but I chalk that up to contractor incompetence - Simon made every effort to remedy the situation, and we had an absolutely wonderful guide in Cape Town (Linus Du Toit). I would definitely use Simon and Intrepid again.

Nick Adams

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~~We are back from our Tanzania extravaganza.  It was absolutely amazing.  I just wanted to say thank you and to Intrepid Expeditions for designing such an incredible trip for us.  The whole trip was completely seamless and everything was amazing from the camps to the guides to the wildlife to the service to the people.  I really can’t thank you enough and count this as probably the best trip we have ever been on.  We are already plotting how we can get back to Tanzania sooner rather than later.  All the best, and hope to be working with you again in the near future.  

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I have never been on such a spectacular trip such as our trip to Africa.  Thank you for your thoughtful planning and seamless execution!  It was truly a trip of a lifetime and I cannot wait to go back! Gosh, I definitely left a piece of myself there and will forever be changed. Thank you again and I will be in touch on the next!  

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Simon Gluckman of Intrepid Expeditions has arranged three different trips to Africa for me over the past two years.  While they all had southern Africa in common, each experience was unique and Simon was outstanding in his ability to listen carefully, help me recognize what I wanted and what I could afford to do every step of the way.  We were able to discuss pros and cons of various destinations and accommodations—planes, trains and automobiles--and never failed to be available when I needed advice.  As an example, when I planned my first trip with Intrepid Expeditions, I wanted to reference an experience I'd had a decade earlier as a guide to what I might be looking for in the future.  I couldn't remember the name of the camp but as I described it, Simon knew immediately which one I meant and used it as an indication of what I might enjoy in the future.  And he was spot on! His understanding of Africa, and his obvious affection for it, as well as his vast knowledge of activities, accommodations, and yes, adventures!—is truly impressive.  Whether it was a day long adventure, a safari, or a multi-day, multi-activity combination of professional and holiday travel, Simon had great advice and every connection was handled flawlessly. He also provides excellent advice as to what to take (and what to leave at home), travel prep and safety. I am not given to writing effusive reviews, but it is hard not to when recalling the great service, patience and knowledge I received from Intrepid Expeditions.  When conversing with other travelers, I soon came to appreciate the happy circumstance of connecting with Intrepid; concierge service, at a sensible price and lots of grace.  Highly, highly recommended.

Prudence Dalrymple and Ron Dubar

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What a perfect way to end an incredible trip--Sabi Sabi has been delightful! We have now seen the "big five", plus plus! It is so different from the camps in Namibia (Okanjima, Little Kulala, and Serra Cafema) --which is one of the reasons we have enjoyed it so much! Your hard work and attention to detail has taken this trip "over the top". With careful planning, you have ensured that we had a different experience everywhere we went--each unique, special and most memorable! Thank you so much--to you and the Intrepid Expeditions team--this has really been the adventure of a lifetime and has exceeded all our expectations! We would highly recommend you to all our family and friends!  


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We just returned from a fabulous trip to Zambia set up by Intrepid Expeditions. The lodges were gorgeous, and the animal sightings beyond compare. Everything they arranged for us went like clockwork, we were met and transferred as promised. Delta canceled our outgoing flight, and that set a series of domino problems into place, which Simon handled perfectly for us, including tracking down our missing luggage. Intrepid Expeditions did a wonderful job for us. Cannot recommend them enough.


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It was simply a fantastic trip and so well organized!  We had the time of our lives and appreciate all that you did to make the trip so personal and special.  Nuveen, our driver in Rwanda, stole our hearts.  He is soft spoken, attentive, knowledgeable and a dear man.  Meg and I plan to keep in touch with him.  

   We loved each of the places we stayed and were made to feel at home and like VIP’s- thank you for finding such different types of places to stay.  The tented camp at Mashatu was exactly what we had hoped to experience despite the cold!  The hot water bottles were our friends:) The food was AMAZING at Mashatu and they were kind enough to share the recipes.  We loved the staff and our guide Danny.  He was informative, charming, and knowledgeable.  We found all types of animals!!!!!  We went for walking safaris and for the mountain biking safari- 
 Serondella was AWESOME!  We were the only people there!  The staff was so accommodating and made us feel like Kings and Queens!  The couple who managed the place were enthusiastic, attentive and thoughtful.  Brian (we never saw his name tag, but think that is his name)  taught us so much about the different animals, how to track, what to look for,  what to notice about animal behavior, etc!  We even saw an aardvark!!!!  Once in a lifetime sighting.  The cabins were beautiful, comfortable and well-appointed and the watering hole was like being present for the Lion King’s baptism!  Every animal was there. 
 Johannesburg was such a quick visit that we did not get a chance to really see the city.  If I ever get back to South Africa, I would like to spend a little more time there and visit Soweto. 

 Kigali was such an interesting city, and Chris was an enthusiastic tour guide.  The Hotel Rwanda was an interesting place to stay, and full of history- the manager was not exactly the hero he was depicted to be.  Thank you so much for getting the flowers to put on the mass graves at the Genocide Museum.  That was sobering to say the least.  How Rwanda recovered from that needs to be shared with our current American president right now!  Rwanda is beautiful and we really enjoyed driving through the villages to get to the tea plantation and the gorgeous setting in Nygungwe Forest.  We walked through the tea plantation and were fascinated by the miles of miles of tea reaching out to touch the mountain ranges.  I, in particular, loved the amenities at the Nygungwe Forest Hotel.  We sat out by the infinity pool and enjoyed the fires in the main reception area.  I relaxed in a bath of Eucalyptus sea salts in the evenings before dinner.  Our porch had a panoramic view of the mountains.  Our waiter at night, Allain, was articulate and responsive to our every need.  He even remembered what we had to eat and drink the previous night and was ready with our drinks almost prior to ordering!
 Gorilla trekking was absolutely the most unbelievable experience we have ever had.  It was challenging, strenuous, and an almost surreal experience.  Nuveen saved the day by putting my SIM card into his camera as the outlet in our cabin was not working and had not charged our camera.  I was so disappointed- but he was so quick-witted- he quickly thought of substituting the cameras and now Meg and I have pictures not only etched in our minds, but on film. Berenice, our guide the first day, has become our Facebook friend and has sent us iPad videos of the twin 5 month old babies with their mother.  The intern, Claude, has emailed me several times and is anxious to develop an email friendship.  These guides, trackers, and porters, got us down the mountain in an hour and a half, after taking us 3 hours to get up!  They made sure that we had the best experience and got us to the car in time to get us to the airport. 
 Thank you as well for getting all of our flights, drivers, etc. together-I was able to move my seating to Delta Comfort which helped on the long flights.  Your hard work provided us with memories for a lifetime and we appreciate all that you did.  If you happen to have contact information for some of the guides, we would love to keep in touch with them.  I know we will make it back one day and hope that I get a chance to as well.  Job well done and sad to get back and get ready for school to start back again.  Everything exceeded my imagination and was a trip I never dreamt I would ever get to experience. Thanks again.

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The short and sweet version is that it was PERFECT! Such an incredible experience and it was all so smooth and easy.  I think we would have had an amazing time regardless but I will say that the guides we had in Cape Town and Mala Mala really made it extra great.  That said, I don’t think anything could take away from how great Rattrays was. 

Feel free to give me a call if you want more details but again… it was so great.

Thank you Intrepid Expeditions for all of your help- I will admit that I was a bit worried trusting a stranger but you put together the perfect honeymoon.  Thank you so much.


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Just landed in Heathrow & wanted to let you know how wonderful our trip was.
All locations/accommodations were top notch!

REALLY loved the trip. The hotel in Cape Town was out of this world.

Already starting to refer people : )

Thanks again for all of your help. I'm sure will be doing something
again together soon!

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~~I hope this finds you well!  We were so busy moving into our new place when we got back so I apologize for the delay in writing back - THANK YOU for setting up an amazing honeymoon.  Every hotel/B&B/lodge was incredible.  The trip was fantastic and we want to send many thanks for all of your help in setting it up.

Mike T.

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Amazing trip!  Everything went so smoothly.  We loved our guide he was truly amazing.  We saw tons of animals and the orphanage visit on Christmas Day was the higlight of the trip.  Thanks for arranging that and organizing the gifts for all the children. 

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~~Hi Simon!

SO sorry it's taken so long to write.  Yes, it was a fantastic trip!  Thank you for all of the suggestions and arrangements.  EVERYTHING worked out as planned - was wonderful to have it all come together with no problems at all.  We really enjoyed going to all 3 countries with the two safaris!  Accommodations were fantastic, guides, food, just everything!

Our highlight of the trip was finding Cecil - the lion -cubs!!!  We were at Hwange Nat Park, no one had seem Cecil's cubs for a few weeks so they were really worried another lion had killed them.  But we found them!  There were 3 lioness and the 6 cubs.  It was so cool!  Our guide was elated! He wanted as many pictures as possible to get them to the media and to the research team. So we have lots & lots of pictures!  We couldn't get wifi at the camp so we didn't get them out that night and by the next day word had gotten around & we saw the main researcher.
The night before that -we saw Jericho - Cecil's coalition and the father of some of the cubs. Then our 3rd night there we saw a cheetah after just catching a Kudu. 

Chobe Nat. Park was awesome too!  Saw lots & lots of animals!  Loved the River cruise! Loved the accommodations!

All in all, I alone have 1700 pictures.  I've attached a few!  Was a trip of a lifetime!  We 100% enjoyed all the locations, hotels/camps, guides, hotel staffs, new people we met.  Crazy - at Victoria Falls, we met a woman whose mother grew up in our small town of Sterling, IL.  Is such a small world.

So thank you, thank you for all your recommendations and help with all our questions! I've definitely gotten the "bug" to travel elsewhere.  This world is an adventure!  Keep us informed on any other recommended trips!


Teri W.

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~~Simon: Thanks for all your preperation and follow-up work on our trip. I especially appreciated how you and your team answered questions which arose in the days before we departed. Your agenda was impressive. Cape Grace was a great starting point. Howard, our guide to and from the airport and Monday and Tuesday, was impressive and so comfortable with us. The clouds (tablecloth) were on Table Mountain and it was very crowded, so we did not go to the top. Cape of Good Hope was impressive. We loved the Winelands region. Khan, our Kings Pool guide, was a fine person and did a great job. There was not the amount of animal activity they expected, but that expectation was exceeded at Mombo. Again, our guide Doc, was very effective. J-burg, as you know, is  a large and sometimes confusing airport. Our escort was effective upon arrival. Returning, we went through customs and then to the Air France counter with our luggage.

Thanks again for all you did over the last year plus in planning.
Hope your trip went well. We will recommend your services to all that inquire. Take care.

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~~Hi Simon - wow! We had the most fabulous trip!! Every detail was perfect and we were singing your praise constantly. Thank you for making my dream come true (my first contact with you was July 2003!) We loved Cape Town and Cape Grace is more than 5 stars. However we were matched with our guide (Howard Owens) it was perfect. I would HIGHLY recommend him. Got hats for our boys at Ernie Els winery, Cape of Good Hope beautiful- super lunches both days.
We can't say enough about both camps - loved staff and accommodations at Kings Pool with super guide (Kane) with mostly elephant viewing. Mombo had better game viewing (saw all five) also great guide (Doc). Weather was really hot so missed our private pool at Kings P. We will pass on all our great memories to others who haven't had this remarkable experience.
Thank you so much for all your expert planning and dovetailing details with Wilderness - it really was a fantastic trip! Stay in touch


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~~We had a wonderful trip!  Everything was simply well done...from all the transfers, guides, beautiful places to stay and engaging activities.  Our family will not ever forget this trip.  My son was crying on Tuesday because he didn't want to leave Sabi Sabi.  They are both trying to figure out how and when they will get back!

I will be happy to share some family highlights and photos later in the week, but wanted you to know how much we appreciated your careful attention to detail and recommendations.  Just outstanding!


Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by A.B.

~~Just wanted to give you a brief report on our trip and, mostly, to thank you for setting up such a great adventure.

First, you should know that everything you set up for us worked perfectly. Every time we showed up at an airport, we were greeted as expected. And everyone we dealt with was first rate in terms of courtesy, friendliness, helpfulness and knowledge. Absolutely no complaints.

The tours in Cape Town were just what we expected. The weather prevented us from going to Table Mountain or taking the Hermanus boat, but that was not a problem. The scenery, dining, wine-tasting (and beer-tasting and whiskey-tasting) were great. We even saw a whale along the way.

Thanks, also, for steering us to the Zambezi Sands Camp rather than the Victoria Falls hotel. The hotel was fantastic as we had high tea there the day we saw the falls. And I'm sure we would have enjoyed an extended stay there. But not as much as we enjoyed the so-called tented camp on the banks of the Zambezi. The hosts, rangers, staff, food and accommodations there were exceptional. Of course, it helped that there were no more than two or three of the 8 tents occupied so we all got personal attention. The safari rides were great, the sun-downer sites were breath-taking, the bush breakfastses were unique and the company was memorable. The Victoria Falls trip was kind of a last-minute add-on to our plan but it turned out to be the high point on a trip that was full of great moments.

Thanks for all you did to set it up. If I can offer any more information or feedack about our experience or help you in any way in the future, please don't hesitate.

It was a spectacular trip. We were expecting a lot and our expectations were exceeded.

Thanks again,

Rich and Kathy P.

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~~Great talking to you, Simon!

I can't believe that it is 2 1/2 months since we got back.

As I said, we had an amazing trip, and you did a wonderful job in helping us to plan the trip.

We will definitely use you again, and if someone asks us about travel in Southern Africa, we will absolutely refer them to you.

David B.

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Wonderful trip overall amazing experience.  All the camps were great.  Wilderness Safaris were amazing organization and loved each of their camps.  Loved the remoteness of Serra Cafema and the variety in Botswana.  Robin Binkes was an absolute character and an amazing guide.  Would have liked to spend more time in Cape Town.  Otherwise everything was truly amazing.

Larry H.

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Amazing trip!  We saw huge herds of the Migration in Serengeti and loved our camp.  All the flights and transfers in Rwanda worked perfectly.  The wildlife at Mombo and Vumbura were incredible.  Our guide at Mombo was amazing.  We tracked a rhino for over two hours and he found it!  We  really enjotyed the helicopter flight over the Delta and booked it a second time at Mombo Camp. 

Thanks for an amazing trip! 

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We really had a wonderful time. The camps were both nice with great staff, service and food. They were both wonderful.

I would/will recommend you and the trips to anyone who asks.

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~~Hi Simon,
 The trip was absolutely amazing.  Like nothing I have ever done before in my life!  My son and I absolutely loved every minute.  We could not believe how many animals we saw, and how close!  Both of us loved the camps.  At Olivers, the manager said she had been getting some pressure to arrange for guests to have WIFI and she asked us our opinion.  Both of us told her to hold off as long as she could.  We loved being so close to nature, so completely unplugged from the world.  It was wonderful,.  The service in the camps was extraordinary.  Everybody met us as expected, the guides were terrific.  We liked Martin, our private guide so very much.  He was really nice, really knew so much about the animals, the game parks, the local Masai tribes, he was able to answer all our questions, and did an awesome job as our guide.  The people at the Ubuntu camp couldn't have been nicer and more professional.  Everything was perfect!  I would go back in a heartbeat!  I am so glad we went, and I thank you for putting it all together for us.  I am waiting on our pictures. 
Anyway, I have gone on too long, but I thank you, and I wish you a great holiday season.

Judy F.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Judy F.

~~Simon - we have just returned from our Honeymoon.  WHAT A TRIP!  Easily the best of our lives and can't thank you enough for your help and recommendations. 

The planning was spotless and logistics worked out perfectly.  Really made the trip stress free and 100% enjoyable.

Thank you again for all the time and effort put in to helping us plan.  If you have any referral forms you need filled out - please don't hesitate to send to us.

Thank you again!!!!

Ryan and Nicole


Ryan and Nicole

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Trip was fantastic.  Coordination of flights, Cape Town, touring, safari and Victoria Falls were flawless.  A+ for sure!  Our Cape Town guide was very knowledgeable.  Staff throughout were unbelievable. Our favorite guide was at Duma Tau.  He was energetic, fun, and incredibly knowledgeable.  I definitely agree your guide will make your trip.  The Falls were beautiful.  Thanks for everything.  We are definitely returning! 

Jules P.

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~~We got back yesterday and had the most amazing time. You hit the nail on the head with us and the camps were just our thing. Not too over the top, but certainly lovely and fun. They were all wonderful and as you had said all a bit different in the experience. If I had to rate them I would put our experience in Zimbabwe at Pioneer at the top. Kwai river camp next and Ebony Bush 3rd. They were all wonderful experiences for us. Great trip.
Thank you very much for being attentive to our feedback. It made the difference.


Suzanne and Edward D.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Suzanne and Edward D.

~~We had the most amazing time of our lives! Thanks You so much there are no words for how unbelievable the trip was.  It went by too fast I wish we were still there!

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Thank you so much for organising the gorilla trekking for us. We had an AMAZING time!

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~~Hi Simon!

Great to hear from you! The trip was fantastic - it was really everything we could have hoped for (the sparkling wine didn't hurt either - thanks are due for that!).

Everything really went off without a hitch. We wanted to stay in every place that we stopped for a few extra days because we loved them all so much. Great work!

Thanks again for everything!


Nick R.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Nick R.

 We had some great wildlife experiences.

All of our arrangements worked out without a hitch.  The lodges were great, each with their special features.  We started at the grandest accommodations at Kichwa Tembo and finished with the best wildlife at Vundu.  I must congregate you on your choices for camps.  Each had its own special features.

Kichwa Tembo had just closed most of the old camp the day before we arrived.  The main tent was totally new  -- our accommodations, instead of being the farthest from the main tent were now the closest.  In spite of arriving in the midst of such a major change, everything ran smoothly.  Our guide, Jackson, tended to focus on showing us the 'big five' -- this was more his priority than ours.  I expect that he is just responding to the demands of most of the guests at Kichwa Tembo.   Actually, we arrived around 14:00 and
had seen the 'big five' by the time we were stopping for sundowners.

Our guide at  Chitabe, Gordon, was very different.  He explained the termite mounds and the acacia trees.  We found the famous Chitabe wild dogs (now down to just 4 individuals) and in two days we saw several lions, 2 leopards and a cheetah all with kills.  Chitabe is a beautiful camp.  Little Vumbra built upon our Chitabe experience as we got to see the  wetter side of the delta.  Our guide Kay is one of Wilderness Safari's most experienced guides and he showed us both the wet and dry sides of Little Vumbra.

Somalisa has no wet side.  We really got to see the stress on all the wildlife at the end of the dry season.  Again, our guide Armstrong was superb.  In addition to showing us the special wildlife of Hwange, he gave us his perspective on politics in Zimbabwe, something that white Zimbabweans were somewhat reluctant to do.

Vundu was the highlight of our safari experience.  Thank you for suggesting 4 nights.  We arrived to the hottest weather of the season.  Unlike the other camps, Vundu is at a lower elevation and it stayed hot all night long.
However, Nick Murray showed us a very special time, whether canoeing with hippos and elephants or walking through the bush to find lions and wild dogs.  We really felt it was a camp like no other.  Nick remembered your stays with him.

Our 2 weeks driving in South Africa when smoothly.  We loved Cape Town.  It really was the right decision to say in the Victoria and Alfred for the first 2 nights and then stay down town at the Taj for 3 night.  We saw the tourist side of the city on the waterfront and more of the real city in the CBD.

Marie particularly liked our stay at Fugitives' Drift.  There are now several people guiding the guests to the battlefields, and they all seem to be fabulous story tellers.  It is great to stand there and see the battle unfold.

We delighted to find that we had upgrades in several of the hotels.  We had a mountain view at the Victoria and Alfred, a room at the main lodge at Fugitives' Drift, a bigger room at Atoll Place (we were the only guests during our stay), but the special treat was the upgrade at Le Quarter Francais.  The Four Quarters is like a private hotel within a Relais & Chateax hotel. 

So you can see, we had a very special trip.  We look forward to our return to Sothern Africa.

Simon, thank you for all your help.  I look forward to working with you for a future trip.


Peter B.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Peter B.

I want to send a belated thank you for planning our wonderful trip to South Africa.  All went very well.  We were able to do all that we had hoped to do.  Thank you so much for your excellent service.


Marlene B.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Marlene B.

We had an amazing time.  We saw everything and more!  We got some great photos (too many, lol)
At the Saile Camp, we were the ONLY ones staying there.  It was like our own private safari for the Rich and Famous!  and at Khwai Camp, we were in our own vehicle.
Weather was perfect, in fact I didn't need the warmer gear I packed
Food was excellent at both camps.  People were so kind and friendly and accommodating. 
We did the Canopy Tour in Victoria Falls, thought a 2 hour zip line was better than a 10 minute one.  Were concerned about the flying fox not being able to have our camera with us so that is why we chose the canopy tour instead.

Lisa H.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Lisa H.

we just got back from Botswana and Zambia.  I wanted to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU for all of your hard work planning our trip.  It was absolutely perfect and I wouldn't have changed a thing.  We definitely have the "Africa bug" and last night we were already talking about planning another trip over, which would be our third!  I have already had a few people ask who planned the trip, so I hope you don't mind if I pass your contact information along.  Thank you for everything!

Paige R.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Paige R.

Hi Simon,
Everything was wonderful and organized flawlessly.  The wildlife was amazing as was the entire experience.  The differences (settings, wildlife and accommodations) between Luwangwa, Busanga and Livingstone were quite dramatic and added to the experience.  We even have a video of two lions mating right next to our truck (might sound off color but all of our guides were shocked at being able to witness this).  As we organize our thousand plus photos we will send you our favorites.  The Royal Livingstone was one of the best hotels we've been to in the world and we plan to go back.  Despite my mother's back, she was able to get around fine and everyone was extremely accommodating.

Kevin S.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Kevin S.

We had a wonderful trip with plenty of excellent memories & photos to treasure!
The food was really great too, we couldn’t have been taken care of better.
Many thanks

Marinda L.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Marinda L.

Dear Simon, Thank you so much for all your detailed planning of our trip to Africa. The trip went perfectly and everybody showed up when they were supposed to and moved us along our itinerary without a flaw at any point.
Thank you especially for ensuring that Sue had an aisle seat for the trip home.  I know you did not make the air travel arrangements. so it was especially nice of you to take care of that (very important) detail.
It was a great trip!

Nancy B.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Nancy B.

Simon, thank you, thank you, thank you, for creating such a perfect safari experience!!!!!! From the special seat on the plane for Jeff, to the wonderful camps, to all of the clock-work connections, to Nic, the best guide ever;  I have no words to explain how we loved our trip!! Jeff said that I had a perpetual smile on my face for the entire time!  Thank you again,
Fran & Jeff

Fran and Jeff C.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Fran and Jeff C.

Amazing trip!  Everything went smoothly and we really appreciated the diversity in ecosystems and types of accommodations throughout the trip.  The B&B in Cape Town was a great choice.  We loved our guide and all of the tours!  We saw so much more than expected on safari.  Each stop had something new to offer.  We also loved the game drive with the lion researcher.  That was one of the highlights for us.  We are already thinking about our next African safari! 

Anne S.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Anne S.

Hi Simon,
I just got back to NY.  The trip was absolutely amazing!  I have traveled a lot and have had many wonderful adventures, but this was the most astonishing and awe-inspiring experience I have ever had!  Rwanda has done an incredible job of sharing the mountain gorillas with the world without feeling like we are interfering too much with their daily routine.

We felt well taken care of and really enjoyed our private guide. 

We had a truly unforgettable trip.  Thank you again for being so responsive and taking our concerns seriously.  You made all of us feel very comfortable about the trip, even in moments of doubt.

Thanks again,

Cheryl C.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Cheryl C.

Hi Simon - we are home, regrettably.  It was a fantastic trip and we cannot thank you enough for all your hard work arranging it for us.  
City Lodge - after 22 hours of flight time and two 8-10 hour layovers we were trashed.  Could you
hear us singing your praises when we arrived at JNB like zombies and had only to follow signs to get to the hotel?!! Brilliant choice.  The service was first rate; they were able to get us in straight away so we could sleep a bit before heading out to the Apartheid Museum.  We were too burned out to go anywhere else and ate all our meals at the hotel and all were very good.
Logistics - we have to say we were seriously impressed with how smoothly all the logistics ran.  We expected, with all the charter flights, that there would be a glitch somewhere along the line, but
the charter companies and the camps have an obviously good system down.   Everything flowed beautifully.
Grasslands - So glad you brought this place to our attention!  The lodge itself was lovely, the watering hole provides endless hours of wildlife viewing.  The predator rehabilitation camp?  I'd encourage guests, whenever possible, to be there on a Wednesday or Saturday as that was feeding day.  The bushman experience was a tremendous joy. I did something similar with the Hadza in Tanzania, but it felt very forced and almost staged, perhaps that was part of my hesitation about this.  But Elian (sp?), the manager of Grasslands, did a lovely job of explaining that this group really does love to share their knowledge and traditions, and we felt that.
Khwai Tented Camp - staff was so attentive, our guide, Mwamo, was great, food was excellent.  This was where we first had the opportunity to be out at night and it was a thrill.  Tents, to us, were luxurious, with running water and flush toilet and solar powered lighting.  Game viewing was excellent - three leopard in two days (unheard of) and two packs of wild dogs.  Also got to see lions walking down the
road at night in front of our vehicle (and our Intrepid Expeditions beanies were very handy in the cool early mornings and late nights!)
Saile Tented Camp - Saile is more rustic than Khwai, but the set-up and schedule is the same: plenty of room in a very clean tent, service that was excellent, food that was delicious and our guide, Dennis, who was very accommodating and great fun.  We did a late night drive and a couple of walking trips all of which gave us the opportunity to appreciate the world at night, and the world small and up close.  Excellent choice on your part.
Ilala Lodge - very nice.  Service and food exceptional.  The crafts market was quite good.  Wished we had packed another bag for souvenirs.  The walk to the falls was short and the falls themselves beyond words.  So glad we took the helicopter flight - seeing the falls from the air is really the only way to appreciate the magnitude of them.
A large part of what impressed us about the itinerary you put together is that we were able to get a taste of so many very different areas of Botswana in such a short time.  Truly, it was a joy on so many levels! I will send a few photos under separate cover. 
Thank you so much!


John and Tanya B.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by John and Tanya B.

I want to thank you for a wonderfully planned trip.  I think you really figured out what would suit us, and made it so. 
The accommodations were better than we'd expected, even the mobile part.  We pretty much had the places and guides to ourselves.  I don't know how much you know about Camp Hwange, since it is relatively new, but it was wonderful - solar everything, etc.  The food everywhere was fabulous, and plentiful.  We didn't realize that ALL beverages were included - loved the gin and tonics after driving around.  We were also pleasantly surprised to find out that laundry was free. 
So, thank you for everything.  The arrangements/transitions went flawlessly and, as I said, you really understood what we wanted and planned for that.  If you need to use us as a reference at any time, let me know.

Diane H.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Diane H.

The whole trip was truly a trip of a lifetime! The accommodations throughout were excellent. The Cape Town tours Intrepid Expeditions planned were all interesting and were the perfect fit for our family. The boys especially loved the school visit you arranged. The safari was certainly the highlight. We saw so much more than we ever could have imagined. The pancake breakfast in the bush you planned was a real treat and a surprise! Thank you for organizing such a wonderful trip. We have already told all our friends about the trip and hope to take our boys back very soon!

Kate and Brad P.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Kate and Brad P.

The entire trip was truly an experience of a lifetime. From arrival to Tanzania through Rwanda, and then to Kenya, we were met on time every step of the way. Our guides were all superb and each stop offered something unique and interesting. We will never forget our experience trekking gorillas in Rwanda and the Golden monkeys were a pleasant surprise! Our finish at the Mara Explorer Camp was the perfect way to end this once in a lifetime trip. Thank you!

David and Bonnie L.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by David and Bonnie L.

Just wanted to tell you that we had a fabulous time in Namibia with Wilderness. All went perfectly with no hiccups and the lodges, bush, and flights all were amazing. The luxurious lodges and the personal attention everywhere made it all worthwhile. Many thanks. Happy holidays and New Year. John and Jill

John and Jill G.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by John and Jill G.

Hi Simon, Please forgive me as this email should have been sent to you weeks ago! Since we returned it seems like I’ve been playing catch up with myself, not to mention how long it took to get adjusted to our time zone. However, Jeff and I really wanted to thank you and Intrepid Expeditions for all your help organizing and preparing us for our trip. This was by far the trip of a life time and one we will never forget! Both properties were outstanding and the staff was more than accommodating. They took care of our every need and went well out of their way to ensure we were pleased on a daily basis. Each property did a special birthday celebration for Jeff which was very fun and certainly added to the great memories we will have of his 50th. From the transportation; which went flawless, the daily game drives; where we were fortunate to see every animal imaginable, the daily activities, the meals, the accommodations and of course the staff; I just can’t stop talking about this trip and what a wonderful experience we had. Cape Town was equally as nice, we toured the entire city and had a great time seeing all the fabulous sites. We had an opportunity to eat in a small family run local restaurant which was awesome. It has been so much fun sharing our photos and fun stories with all of our friends and family. Anyway, we really wanted to let you how pleased we were with everything and we have already referred you to a couple of our friends who are looking to plan a trip to South Africa as well. Thanks again for everything! Claudia and Jeff

Claudia and Jeff M.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Claudia and Jeff M.

Hey, Simon, what a great trip! Many thanks to you and Intrepid Expeditions!! In addition to the game drives that I knew would be good, Marcia and I really enjoyed the Robin Binckes tour (learned so much) AND our two nights at Birkenhead. That was a great way to end the adventure.

John R.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by John R.

Cannot thank you enough for your focus and initiative. We had an uneventful trip home and only have to solve usual jet lag. The camps were very different from one another but all terribly interesting. Thousands of memories in picture format. Thanks again many times over. Bob S.

Bob and Barbara S.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Bob and Barbara S.

Simon accommoddated the trip exactly to our needs. When flight schedules were changed by the ariline he informed the tour company at our destniation. Overall he gave us great service and competitive prices in comparison to other travel agencies. We would highly recommend Intrepid Expeditions

Ben G.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Ben G.

Simon, You nailed it! You listened to exactly what we wanted to see, do, and experience, and created the perfect once in a lifetime Africa trip. All the extra goodies along the way were over the top. It was an anniversary we will never forget. Thank you and Intrepid Expeditions.

Erica B.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Erica B.

I am so grateful to Intrepid Expeditions for the awesome journey I just had. Simon you are the BEST...So glad I met you and we will be booking another trip soon... Sue

Susan C.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Susan C.

Simon, I want to thank you and Intrepid Expeditions for helping us with this trip. It was FABULOUS!! All of your arrangements went incredibly smoothly - I must admit I've never had it so good! Get off one plane and the next one is waiting for you. No worries! We loved Londolozi and Tswalu and we continue to work on our 1300 pictures to get them down to a smaller number to share. Londolozi is definetly the place to send people who have never had a safari experience. We saw so many great animals and the staff there is incredibly warm and friendly. We also loved going to Tswalu because it was a very different ecosystem and we saw some of the same, but also different animals there. We loved the birds also. We had the opportunity to see them sedate and place a gps/microchip into the tusk of one of their rhinos. Got up close and personal to him and then got to see him wake up and walk away. Everyone is very aware of the horrible rhino poaching that is occuring. I went thinking that this would be the only trip I would ever make to Africa, but I am ready to go again! Again, thank you. You did a great job! I will glady recommend Intrepid Expeditions to others. Sally

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by

Simon, What a way to jump back into the deep end at work! The trip was simply indescribable. Everything from the weather in CapeTown (had rained solid the week prior), to the accommodations was really superb. Serondella was great and we enjoyed the hominess of it and the special attention we received while there and Neill and Christi were wonderful The Chobe lodge was really beautiful as well. As far as expectations, I would say they were definitely exceeded. We would love to go back! I will surely send you some pictures as I sort through. Tom took over 2000! Thank you Intrepid Expeditions!

Richard Hicks

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Richard Hicks

Hi Simon - Thank you and Intrepid Expeditions for a perfect trip. Everything went smoothly. The guides were highly knowledgeable, interesting, and a pleasure to spend time with. All the other support staff were friendly, prompt and professional. I've rarely seen such uniformly good service. Even the pilots were friendly. The game drives were my favorite part of the trip. Both parks were charming in their own way, but I especially loved the beautiful scenery of Tswalu. The kids especially loved the horseback riding and the meerkats, and I enjoyed the walk to see the Bushman rock carvings. Tintswalo was wonderful too. We got very close to elephants, rhinos, lions, and even a leopard. I also very much enjoyed visiting the townships in Capetown. I was a little concerned that the residents might feel like we were gawking at them, but It was done in a respectful way, and I am grateful that my kids had that opportunity. Thanks again to you and Intrepid Expeditions! Sian

Sian Z.

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Sian Z.

Hi Simon, We're still coming back to ordinary life. Africa was amazing, Intrepid Expeditions camp choices were amazing, and we had the only female tour guide in Botswana at Kwetsani (actually the second - and soon to be camp manager). Zimbabwe Davis was good choice to start out with. However by 3rd day, Johannesburg had snow, and we had 0 degrees at Saile! Wore all 4 long sleeve layers/fleece long uinderwear for 5 days until we warmed up at Kwetsani. Even bush babies hot water bottles couldn't take chill off air. Food was extradinary at all camps. BOMA at Kwetsani was lovely and fun, Dan had to dance wtih men for women, and we ate an African style meal . I am truly impressed with how much the guides valued their charge in protecting the environment while still making us feel totally informed and given every opportunity to participate appropriately. Hippos at night munching by your tent (Saile) was mind blowing. Baboons playing on walkway at Kwetsani equally fun. Da Vinci's tub was very welcome after our flight! I would post that on your website - swimming pool size, and their kettle with teas saved us. Again all accomodations, service, guides etc were amazing!! And I would seriously think about returning to Africa in 3 years to see Serenghetti, and other areas. Definitely will recommend you and Intrepid Expeditions to any friends. Hopefully we will be able to return to Africa and contact Intrepid Expeditions again. Best, Barbara

Barbara Gsovski

Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Barbara Gsovski

Simon at Intrepid Expeditions has completely changed my view of using a travel agent. Though my husband and I are "seasoned" travelers, we have only used a travel agent once for our first trip to Europe in 1999, and it was disasterous. We learned our lesson, and I have planned each ensuing trip down to the last detail myself. When we decided that this was the year to finally visit Africa, we knew we were out of our league, and needed help. A friend recommended Simon, and he patiently listened to ALL of my needs, desires, budget boundaries, etc., and planned the most PERFECT trip imaginable! Each and every connection went off without a hitch, the accomodations were totally awesome, and the animal viewing on our safaris were truly life-altering, down to witnessing the entire birth of a giraffe 10 feet away from us! I now think the astounding wonders of Africa should be required for everyone, and would not hesitate to let Simon plan the trip from beginning to end! He is THAT GOOD!!! We are already busy planning our next African adventure!

Sallie Beth Phelps

Incredibly happy client!
Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Sallie Beth Phelps

Simon planned and arranged my trip to Africa. I went to Uganda and S. Africa. I had many transfers and internal flights, and all of them went very smoothly. All drivers were prompt with pick ups, the hotel and "bush" camps exceeded my expectations. They were very nice. My 9 days in Uganda were spent with one guide, Dennis. He was very knowledgeable and accommodating for all of my needs. I can't say enough positive things about this company. They know what they are doing and how to arrange a trip of a lifetime! My only disappointment was that nothing went wrong. You always hear stories about adventuring in Africa; however, everything was perfect. Guess that is not a disappointment, but I like a little "adventure."

Todd Pittard

Extremely Happy Client
Testimonial for: Simon Gluckman at Intrepid Expeditions .Rating: 5 of 5 by Todd Pittard
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