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Sally Fotou managed my sale impeccably from beginning to end. We dealt with language barriers, out of the country buyers, a leaky water heater, furniture and closing date negotiations, and a last minute trip to the property manager to obtain signatures for the buyer. Through it all, I was never “left hanging.” I was always updated on the status of my sale as well as others in the neighborhood. The closing became a true celebration – I was able to leave immediately for my new location. Thank you Sally….This was truly the most seamless transaction I’ve experienced. Pat Arena

Pat Arena

Testimonial for: Sally Fotou at Balistreri Realty .Rating: 5 of 5 by Pat Arena

My wife and I are Canadian snowbirds . Prior to retirement in 2009 we owned 3 timeshare properties that we used for vacation purpose. We purchased 2 more in hopes of traveling for 6 months . We met Sally Fotou at a church we were attending and in January of 2011 we asked her if she knew of any rental property we could rent for the month of April. Sally told us that with the present market condition we should consider buying . Sally showed us several units and we bought at Concord Village. We paid almost the same price that we paid for the last timeshare we purchased. The maintenance yearly fees on the timeshare was $800 and our condo fees are only $331 per month. The big difference we can live there year round not just 2 weeks like at the timeshare. This has turned out to be the best investment I have ever made and all because of Sally's advice and professional service. The property has more than doubled since our purchase in 2011. Sally is not only our Realtor but a friendship has been established. Best regards Ron & Sharon Bruder

Ron and Sharon Bruder

Testimonial for: Sally Fotou at Balistreri Realty .Rating: 5 of 5 by Ron and Sharon Bruder

Sally, I hope all is well with you! You can use this if you like: We listed our home with Sally when the Ft. Lauderdale home market was beginning to soften. I knew that it would only get worse and priced it to sell. I wanted a realtor who could sell it quickly and Sally and her team did just that! It sold in a short period of time (a time when a neighbor who had his listed for about a year still couldn’t sell his house). Paul Duggan

Paul Duggan

Testimonial for: Sally Fotou at Balistreri Realty .Rating: 5 of 5 by Paul Duggan

Sally Fotou is a fantastic real estate agent and a good friend to have. My husband and I were first time buyers in 1996; wanting to buy a house but it was not an absolute necessity. Therefore, we took the time to look at listings on the web, in various real estate flyers and drove around desirable neighborhoods looking for signs. In meeting Sally through one of her listings we felt so comfortable with her patience, knowledge of the real estate market and familiarity with the areas we were interested in that we signed up with her to do all our future looking. And did we look!! Many property listings we took to her to arrange a tour. Despite not being her listings she always maintained a great attitude about us dragging her to many, many properties just on the chance that it would be "the one". She allowed us to look at the houses without pressure or unnecessary chitchat but was always available for any advice or expertise. Needless to say we developed a great relationship with her during those many trips and ended up buying one of her property listings. Although it had an offer on it already she felt like the house was just what we were looking for and wanted to give us a chance. Not only did she supervise the entire real estate transaction but being a notary public she was able and very willing to marry us in the backyard of our new house! The house was perfect for us and we always kept in contact with Sally because of the relationship we had developed. When it came time to think about selling we immediately asked Sally to be our agent. She loved the house, we loved the house and wanted to make sure it went to people who would love it also. Obviously we wanted to sell it and absolutely needed to when we purchased our retirement home in West Virginia. A contract that was based on a time stipulation to pay in full which we believed would be no problem once our Florida house sold. Sally even gave us professional help on closing the deal on the new house. Unfortunately you all know the housing market has been awful, we definitely picked the wrong time to do it. Sally was a strong advocate for us during the long trial of trying to sell our house amid all the foreclosures and short sales clogging up the Florida real estate market. She gave us advice on pricing, she spent many hours conducting open houses, and she always gave us the truth about the reality of the market. She never abandoned us in the race against time limitations and the lack of buyers. In the end we were successful in selling the Florida house in time to ensure fulfillment of our W. Virginia contract. It was a tremendously nerve-racking time, Sally never failed to keep up a positive but realistic attitude. Sally always does what she says she's going to do when she says she's going to do it. We never worried about any of the paperwork process, Sally handled it all and there was never a problem on our side of the transactions. Sally is the kind of real estate agent you hope for. She gets to know you and considers your needs the most important part of the relationship. She provides you with professionalism that is hard to find these days and has the many years of experience in the local market that makes her advice and knowledge invaluable. Most of all, for us, she took three real estate transactions, made them all as stress free as possible and we are totally satisfied that we made the best deals we could. Sally continues to be our friend and we highly recommend her to anyone needing a strong, hard-working and friendly advocate in the real estate market. Rhonda J Maskus Mike S Tonker

Rhonda and Mike Tonker

Testimonial for: Sally Fotou at Balistreri Realty .Rating: 5 of 5 by Rhonda and Mike Tonker

Dear Sally: I want you to know that you saved my life when you took the listing for selling my house. You knew I was moving out of state and you were aware that time was of the essence. You got the ball rolling, had an open house, and then made sure the house was being shown, day and evening. Your expertise was impeccable and you had the house sold and got a higher price than I even dreamed possible. Even when I had an offer and was near closing and then had the water spill on the carpets, you took care of that without my having to do anything. Well, above and beyond the call. Thanks so much for assisting me in the sale and making sure we were all happy at closing. Marge Bailey

Marge Bailey

Testimonial for: Sally Fotou at Balistreri Realty .Rating: 5 of 5 by Marge Bailey

I had the pleasure of working with Sally Fotou back in July 2002 – September 2002. My fiancé and I lived in an apartment and we decided after 2 years of renting we would prepare to buy a home. I met Sally through someone I was working with at MBNA Bank part time. He was moving out of state with his wife and I actually considered buying his home but I realized it wasn’t the right house for us. I starting contacting Sally to begin our search. She was the nicest, most patient person I have ever met. I looked forward to her picking me up to look at different homes for sale. Her opinion meant so much to me. We were on a very tight budget and at the time we needed to stay within our means. She definitely made the process of purchasing our first home an easy experience. It is has been 7 years since we purchased our small villa and through it all we have gotten married and had a beautiful daughter who is now 6 years old. I have kept in touch with Sally through the years to give her an update on our life and she has done the same. As soon as the market picks again I look forward to calling my realtor, my friend, Sally and we will pick up where we left off. I will never use another realtor as long as I know Sally is still working to help people buy and sell homes. Loyal client Mrs. Kendra Arauz ________________________________________

Kendra Arauz

Testimonial for: Sally Fotou at Balistreri Realty .Rating: 5 of 5 by Kendra Arauz

Sally is someone who is always there for you. Even if you're not currently buying or selling a property, she still makes herself available to answer any questions about the real estate industry, and she's always more than happy to help. She is always researching to stay on top of the current market "happenings". She's a go-getter that won't stop for anything. She always makes you feel like you are her primary client and works very hard to keep you satisfied. She is a true realtor for life, and she is my realtor for life. Danielle Farrell

Danielle Farrell

Testimonial for: Sally Fotou at Balistreri Realty .Rating: 5 of 5 by Danielle Farrell

SALLY: having you as my realtor for the sale of my condo was an unforgettable experience. Your were truly the answer to my prayers for I had asked GOD to send me someone who was fair and honest. You became my prayer partner and my friend. You took a genuine interest not only in the sale of my property, but you prayed for other things that concerned me, my daughter, my brother who was dying of cancer, and even my job situation . You always returned my calls, and kept me abreast of the activities involved on a weekly basis. you made recommendations to enhance the sale of my condo by adding furniture, doing minor repairs and making the place attractive and salable. Thank you for all that you did for me, and for keeping in touch with by emailing me the daily devotions! I wish you the best in your future endeavors ! I will continue to pray for your success, and that God will richly, richly bless you! You have planted many seeds in the lives of others, and I know the Good Lord will allow you to reap the Harvest! Sincerely, Antoinette Pauline

Antoinette Pauline

Testimonial for: Sally Fotou at Balistreri Realty .Rating: 5 of 5 by Antoinette Pauline

I have known Sally Fotou for over 10 years and she is one of the finest women I know. The best way I would describe her would be as follows... "an excellent realtor" "professional" "genuinely cares" "detailed and thorough" "is with you from beginning to end" "operates in wisdom" "knowledgable" "a mentor to me in the field of real estate" "Godly counsel& advice" "friend" ... I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great realtor! Annette Swad

Annette Swad

Testimonial for: Sally Fotou at Balistreri Realty .Rating: 5 of 5 by Annette Swad
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